Hample Haven Farm, LLC

About Us:  We are a family operated farm.  We raise Katahdin sheep using a rotational grazing system.  Katahdin sheep are known for their excellent tasting meat.  Pasture fed animals are rich in Omega-3's, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and lower in Omega-6's.  Grazing sheep results in a win-win situation, the meat tastes better and it's better for you.

We have a mobile retail license and the meat is processed by a USDA certified facility.  We are not certified to send our products via mail.

We sell grass-fed lamb and free-range eggs. Prepare it at your home using your favorite recipe - or we'd be glad to share one of ours. It's delicious and high in Omega-3's.  

We move our portable coop during the summer to farm in harmony with nature.  The hens keep the insect population in check while spreading nutrients throughout the pastures.

You can see the sheep grazing in the pasture behind the coop.  To see more pictures with just a song in the background, click here.

Our kids made an imovie trailer to help sell our puppies this spring.  We don't have any left, but the video is pretty cute!  We may have another litter next spring.  Click here to view Great Pyrenee Puppies Rock!  Please click the back button to return to our website after viewing Puppy Rock.

If you would like to contact us, we would be happy to fill an order or to answer any of your questions.

Write to us at:

Hample Haven Farm, LLC, % Steve Hellweg, N4365 Hample Road, Black Creek, WI 54106

Call us:  920-882-2288